Running Out of Shelves

Look, it’s a portfolio update! Well, given that there’s another couple of books on the way it seemed high time to bring the list of my recent projects up to speed.

Yes, Heart of Fire is my second Sea of Thieves novel – though given that I’ve been working on the game itself pretty much full-time since its Anniversary update in 2019, it’s not like I’m returning to that universe after an extended absence or anything. It’s once again set before the events of the game and likewise once again follows another two crews – separated not by the passage of time, but by finding themselves on different sides of the same conflict. It’ll be out soon, and I’m probably going to break Twitter by refreshing my feed too much. Much excite!

What with that, my recent work on a vinyl boxset, the upcoming release of The Art of Battletoads and all the other stuff that’s in the pipeline, I need to play some serious Bookcase Tetris. It’s a good problem to have.

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