Animal Crossing 003 – Fowl Ambitions

The weekend has arrived, and while a man dressed like a shock trooper takes a buzzsaw to a stubborn tree stump in my garden – which is a lot less exciting to watch than it sounds – it’s time for me to return to Twycross and look after my other house.

This is the first time I’ve visited during daylight hours, of course. I’m curious to know what will have changed, since the residents seem to wander around outside their houses regardless. Maybe I won’t keep seeing what look like ghosts in the trees…

11:55 – The first thing I notice upon stepping out is that my mailbox is flashing – it’s a letter from home! This throws my secret suspicion that the horned midget I’m playing
as is actually escaping his horrible past into doubt. Horn-Mom and Horn-Dad are
going on vacation, apparently. I wonder if they’ll turn up in-game…

12:02 – On the way to Nook’s to sell some bric-a-brac, I stumble across a bizarre yellow tent in the middle of the forest. Inside is a… rabbity-thing… named Genji, “The Mad
Hiker”. Also known as “Campie Campington”, apparently. Genji challenges me to a
game – if I can guess which photos of fish are his, I win a prize. Fail, and he takes my roadsign. Sign me up, Genji!

12:03 – Oops.

12:07 – Barely have I set foot in Nook’s shop when he’s in my face yelling about some Happy Room Academy or other. Seems he wants me to keep my house looking nice so that the town will get new visitors, or something. Since I only have a rug right now, my
house seems like it would be pretty easy to clean, so I agree. This may not be history’s greatest plan.

12:11 – Shovel-me-do, daddy! Heading straight to one of those glowing ground spots from earlier, I manage to unearth 1000 bells. Tidy!

12:17 – Further digging reveals a fossil, which I decide to take to the museum. It seems important to have a nice town, and I imagine a full museum would help! I’m such a good

12:21 – Blathers has told me I need to send the fossil off to the Farway Museum, which apparently I can’t do until they send me a letter. Life in the Animal Crossing universe is rather convoluted! Oh well, it can go back in my house for now. I’m going to try writing a letter…

12:28 – I decide to write a letter to Pompom, telling her how much I love her beak. I imagine this is how ducks would court in the olden days.

12:39 – I’ve met a new arrival, a red bear named Cheri. She wants a letter – really, really wants a letter. It got a little… intense.

12:50 – The town melody is now Kraid’s theme. Hopefully it won’t summon him.

13:00 – Real life intrudes as my phone provider calls me up, so it’s time to leave Twycross for a while… but what’s this? I’ve just received an invitation to go and visit a friend…

Yeah, well, at least I don’t keep toxic waste in my house.

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