Animal Crossing 004 – Browncoats

It lacks of the connectivity of its DS and Wii descendants, of course, but the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing isn’t an entirely solo experience. There’s a password-based trading system, for one thing, but today I’m taking a rather more direct route: with his memory card in my Slot B, I’m off on a train journey to visit my friend, Robin, and his home village.

13:20 – Before heading to the station, I check my mailbox – I’ve got a letter back from
Pompom. To say that she was creeped out by my attempts to compliment her beak
would be an understatement.  I guess I breached some form of duck protocol. Well, maybe by the time I get back she’ll have calmed down… To the train depository!

13:25 – On the train heading to Serenity. I imagine it’s in a valley.

13:27 – It’s Rover!

13:30 – And here we are in Serenity. Even the soil seems different…

13:35 – Nook’s outlet in Serenity is a large, stately affair. Not sure how he got here ahead
of me, mind you. Still, with both a fishing rod and a bug net for sale I’m a very happy customer.

13:37 – Scrumping! This’ll go down reaaaaaaal nice in Twycross.

13:42 – Heading back to Twycross with my fruit, having introduced myself around. There’s no place like home, if I do say—oh, hello again, Rover…

13:50 – Running around
like a lunatic planting exotic fruits. I’ve also caught my first bug!

14:05 – Time to
send some of these fossils off to the Farway Museum for identification, and
that’ll be the last of my chores for the day.

At this point, I think I’m familiar enough with the basics
not to continue with the blow-by-blow account of my adventures. I’m still going
to keep playing, but my blog entries from now one will be periodic recaps.
Maybe weekly – we’ll see!

She’s just playing hard to get.

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