The Christmas Spirits


I started in fright
At the very idea
Of seeking the monsters
And facing my fear

But the Doctor just smiled.
“We’ll meet them together.
Besides, you can’t hide in
Your blankets forever.

Now don’t dawdle, Sarah!”
She shot him a glare
As we traipsed from my room
And descended the stairs.

But as we reached the hall
We were baffled to find
That same blue police box
We’d just left behind.

“That’s not where I parked it!”
The Doctor exclaimed.
“It’s a trick! An illusion!
Perhaps I’m being framed!”

“It looks real!” said Sarah.
“I don’t like it either.
Quick! Give it a buzz
With the sonic screwdriver!”

The Doctor stepped forward
To do as she’d urged
But then the door opened,
And someone emerged.

A sandy-haired man
Most unusually dressed
Up for Cricket at Lords
With a celery breast.

He jumped at the three of us
Standing so near.
“Oh no,” he sighed, “What
Are you two doing here?”

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