The Christmas Spirits


The TARDIS took flight
With a lurch and a rumble.
Four and Five looked abashed;
Six continued to grumble

Until we set down
On the following day
“Now, get back to your ships
And then be on your way!”

He instructed, then turned
To me, “Now, as for you,
That’s the most dangerous
Thing you could do!”

“The creatures have marked you;
The one that you faced
Will be coming next year
Since you gave it a taste!”

“You’ll be back, though?” I pleaded.
“You’ve made me think twice!
And those blankets of yours
Will no longer suffice.”

“If you stay out of trouble,
I’ll pop in that night.
Now—out of my TARDIS,
And out of my sight!”

Thus scolded, each Doctor
Returned to his box—
Moved by Six, to avoid
Any parental shocks—

And although there was
Christmas, a fry-up, and tea
All I could think was
Why here? Why me?

I waited for answers
‘Til next Christmas Eve.
Dad had long moved away;
Mum decided to leave

Me a note to explain
She was staying with a friend
And that, at thirteen,
She was sure I could fend

For myself. So I picked
At a sandwich and waited
And soon came the moans
That I’d anticipated.

I crept to my bedroom,
Expecting the worst.
This year, the monsters
Had come for me first.

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