The Christmas Spirits


“Now what have we here,
All huddled in gloom?”
Said the stranger to me,
“Would this be your room?”

I nodded, dumbfounbed,
Then found strength to say
“Sir, how did you scare
All the monsters away?”

“Eh? Monsters? What nonsense!
I’m sure there’s no cause—“
The stranger began, then he
Gave a long pause.

He furrowed his brow,
Cupped his hand to his ear
And said slowly at last
“Yes, there was something here.”

“There’s still psychic imprints
Quite feral! Yes, wild.
I expect Susan feels it
Too, don’t you, my child?”

The girl nodded, and placed
One pale hand on my bed.
“I don’t like it! Let’s get
In the TARDIS instead.”

The stranger drank in
Every smell, sound and sight,
Then said “Well, I don’t think
That they’ll be back tonight.”

“I shall leave you, my boy,
“You’ll be safe for the year.”
And they climbed in his box
And made it disappear!

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