The Christmas Spirits


A blue box had appeared,
Its wheezing and groans
Had scared off the monsters!
I felt in my bones

That surprised by this wonder
They’d fled from the light
Though I felt them lurk still
On this cold Christmas night.

But hope turned to doubt
As I trembled, dismayed
What sort of demon
Made monsters afraid?

I soon got my answer;
A door opened wide
On the front of the box
And just then, from inside

Stepped an elderly man
Dressed with blazer and cane
Who stopped, and looked round
At my room with disdain.

He stood for a moment,
Until, by and by,
Emerged a young girl
Who looked nervous as I.

“Where are we, Grandfather?”
She whispered at last.
“Hmm? Oh!” he said lightly,
“Somewhere in Earth’s past!”

“As to when we have landed,
We’ll just have to see!”
And at this, those old eyes
Turned at last onto me.

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