The Christmas Spirits


The man on my doorstep
Was rangy and thin
And he nodded at me
And then simply stepped in.

He looked so imposing
I stood there agape
At his velveteen suit
And the cut of his cape.

“D…Doctor?” I queried.
“That’s right,” he replied.
“Be a good lad and let
All my colleagues inside.”

For the first time I took in
The snow covered street
Where several young soldiers
Stood stamping their feet.

Their leader stepped forward,
Distinguished and tall.
He glared at the Doctor
And gave a short call.

“Now see here, Doctor,
We’ve no jurisdiction!”
“Oh, make up a gas leak,
Or some other fiction,

My dear Brigadier,”
The Doctor replied.
“Now get my devices
And bring them inside.”

So flummoxed was I
As the soldiers clomped in
That a hand on my arm
Made me leap from my skin.

The woman who’d startled me,
Called Sarah-Jane,
Led me up to my room
And she tried to explain

That they’d brought a machine
From the boffins at UNIT
To track down the monsters,
But they had to tune it

To some sort of signal,
So I’d have to wait
In my bedroom tonight
Acting something like bait.

As they packed up and left
I curled up in the black.
But this time I smiled
When the noises came back.

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