The Christmas Spirits


The Brigadier called back
Upon Christmas Morning;
His men took their gadgets
As I stood there yawning

And though mother shouted
And Dad tanned my hide
For being daft enough
To let strangers inside

A weight had been lifted,
My burden reprieved
For out in the world
Was a man who believed

In my monsters. And over
The following weeks
I got spring in my step
And some pink in my cheeks.

And I cheerfully waved
Off my parents, then sped
For my gloves, to throw snowballs
At somebody’s head.

Yet I ran to my room
With such haste and vigour
I crashed into something
Blue, wooden and bigger.

I sprawled on the floor
With a bruise on my arm
And glared up at the box–
Which was losing its charm–

As its door was flung open.
Out stepped Sarah Jane,
And she looked down, and gasped
As she saw me in pain.

“Are you hurt?” she exclaimed,
Helping me to my feet,
“I’m fine…” I began, then
Stopped, as a sweet

Was waved under my nose
From a battered old tin.
“Jelly Baby?” The Doctor
Inquired, with a grin.

He was younger, his face
Always ready to laugh
With a mop of brown curls
And a great stripy scarf.

“Quick now, get your coat
For a walk in the snow.
Your monsters are waiting…
So let’s say hello!”

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