The Christmas Spirits


“I’m meant to be here,
I’m visiting yearly,”
The Doctor replied.
“It’s you who’s too early!”

He turned to us. “Sarah,
This fellow is me.
That’s one of the risks
Of time travel, you see.

The TARDIS keeps landing
In just the same place
And it’s starting to tear
Through the fabric of space.”

The other stepped forward.
“Hello Sarah-Jane.
And you too, young man,
Good to see you again.”

“He’s much more polite,”
Sarah commented. “Though
We have monsters to catch
So we really must go!”

“Yes, good point!
We can’t wait for them to arrive,
So I’ll be Doctor Four,
And you be Doctor Five.”

The other looked doubtful.
“Team up? Are you sure?
The two of us talking’s
Forbidden by law!”

But he followed behind
As we went ‘round the side
Of my house, to manhole
The Doctor had spied.

“The readings were strongest
Down here?” asked Five.
“Yes, there’s most certainly
Something alive.”

Four replied. “Lying dormant
And ever so deep.
But it’s daytime, so let’s hope
We catch them asleep.”

“Oh, Doctor – a sewer?
That’s so unhygienic!”
Said Sarah. “Can’t aliens
Hide somewhere scenic?”

The Doctors just smiled
And allowed her to grouse
As we climbed down to face
What lay under my house.

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