The Christmas Spirits


A man in a suit
With a shock of brown hair
Stepped out, sonic screwdriver
Held in the air.

“You’re all right!” I exclaimed,
“I thought you were dead!”
“Yes, well, it pays to think
Three steps ahead.

I’d hardwired the TARDIS
To jump back an hour,
She arrived in the cave before
Things turned sour.”

He faced the Sh’karri.
“Now here’s where this ends.
I’m the Doctor, and you’re
Scaring one of my friends.”

While you’ve been brooding
And plotting down there,
I’ve had since last Christmastime
To prepare.

And given your past,
Don’t you think that it’s cruel
To kidnap a human
And use him as fuel?

You’ve got one more chance
For my help, or you’ll see
That children have monsters…
But monsters have me.”

The Sh’karri stood motionless
While he conversed,
Then as one, turned to shadow
And swiftly dispersed.

“I’m… fuel?” I repeated.
He shrugged. “In a way.
Dark matter’s infused
Your bloodline’s DNA.

Your family’s ancient;
With each generation
They’ve soaked up more
Of the ship’s radiation.”

“You mean, they’ve been
Yearning for me in their grip
Just so they could use me
To jumpstart their ship?!”

I exploded, out loud. “Well,
Why not just say!?
Besides which, genetics
Don’t work in that way!”

“That may be what it says
In some primitive book,
But I’ve got the results
Of those scans that I took.

Radiation’s a powerful thing.
I should know…”
He glanced down at his hand
As a soft golden glow

Swept over his fingers,
Just under the skin.
“I really can’t stay…
I was just popping in!

But leaving’s a shame
Now all this is arranged…
Tell you what; I’ll just
Nip inside and get changed!”

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