The Christmas Spirits


The first new arrival
Had long chestnut hair,
And I thought I could make out
A sporran down there,

And the second man
Sparkled with mischief and glee
As he looked ‘round my room
And then focused on me.

“You’ve redecorated!”
He cried, which was true.
“I don’t think I like it.
Oh well, it’ll do.”

“Excuse me,” I gulped
As he moved to the door
“But where’s the old granddad
Who came once before?”

“Old Granddad!” he started.
“How rude! Even so,
Can’t you tell I’m the Doctor
From one year ago?”

He pulled from his coat
A device like a candle
Accepting the lamp
His friend held by its handle.

“The creatures are massing,
But here’s your defense.
Keep it lit for tonight!
I’ll return one year hence

With a proper solution!”
Thus placing the light,
They got back in the box
And it faded from sight.

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