The Christmas Spirits


As Christmas sped past
And spring fought back the snow
My strange visitation
Seemed so long ago

Yet I scoured every phone box
My eyes opened wide
In the hope that the man
Might be hiding inside.

Yet he fell from my thoughts
As the night frosts drew near
And my stomach grew tight
With that old gnawing fear

Though the man and his box
Had been one year’s respite
I knew what awaited
On Christmas Eve night.

And the days ticked away
‘Til I found myself prone
Lying under the sheets
Both afraid and alone.

And I so longed to hear
The same curious roar
That the blue box had made
When appearing before

That I almost believed
I imagined the noise
Of that beautiful box
Nestled in ’mongst my toys

‘Til the creak of its door
Made me leap from the covers
But the old man was gone
And there stood two others!

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