The Christmas Spirits


Five stepped forward to speak
“You’re stuck here, is that it?
Your spaceship’s not parked,
You’ve been trapped in this pit!

There’s no need to torment
The locals this way.
The Time Lords can—“
This was the wrong thing to say.

The creature reared back
With a furious roar
More threatening than
Even I’d heard before.

“I don’t think it likes
Time Lords much!” shouted Five.
“I suggest we depart;
I enjoy being alive!”

As we turned on our heels
And sprinted away,
The creature struck two
White-hot legs in the clay

And lashed out with a tentacle
Grown from its back
That smashed into the lights,
And we plunged into black.

We stumbled in darkness,
All seeking to find
The way out, as the monster
Drew closer behind.

We moved into the light
Like moths fly to a flame,
And I cried out “That glow,
Doctor! Look! It’s the same

As your box!” Up ahead
Shining brilliant blue
Was the TARDIS, and by
It stood somebody new,

Though as he met my gaze,
Somehow I could tell
That this colourful man
Was the Doctor as well.

He glared out from under
A mop of blonde hair.
“Inside!” he commanded,
“You’ll be safe in there!”

We raced in the TARDIS,
Too tired to mention
The inside being huge, like
Some other dimension.

This new Doctor– the sixth,
Though I’d no way to know–
Advanced on the men
That he’d been long ago.

“What were you thinking?!”
He spat, with a shout.
“The Time Lords have sent me
To sort this all out!”

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